Farmers Markets: Summer Buying Guide

How to Pick the Seasons Best Produce at the Farmer’s Market

May marks the beginning of farmer’s market season, with fresh, seasonal, locally-grown produce lining market stalls across Wichita. This handy buying guide will help you understand what to look for in local fruits and vegetables—and when your favorite varieties might show up at your market.

July brings onions, carrots, berries, zucchini and other summer squash. It’s also time for tomatoes. We recommend trying different heirloom varieties. Some will be tart, some sweet like candy, some meaty, and some juicy. Each type has different indications of ripeness, but the goal is to select fruits that have hit the perfect sweet spot—not too firm and not too soft.

In August, expect potatoes, chard, turnips, celery and collard greens. When fresh corn arrives at the end of the month, look for full, uniform kernels. The tuft on the end should be brown and dried out; this indicates it was left on the stalk long enough.

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